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Share The prolonged historical trajectory that took to Great Britain in 1911 to head an enormous empire, extended by not less than 29 million of square kilometers and lived by 420 million people, were developed in two phases. Oldest one begins in 1583 with the foundation of Saint John’s, in Newfoundland, whereas the modern one Read More →

Share The first experiences with banknotes were catastrophic. Practically all the governments who adopted this new type of circulating they fell in the fatal error to emit tickets in so high amount that they inflicted a sensible casualty of his value. Sometimes excessive emissions pronounced like the only possible way when the economic situation was Read More →

Share The central years of century xix was for the United States a period of great economic development. The definitive push came from construction of railway lines that cubkan long distances, and that provided fast communicationses between the states the federation. Pero just conquered prosperity it worsened the deep economic and social differences between the Read More →

Share The English colonies of North America suffered during long time a chronic lack of circulating. Throughout century XVII and in first years of XVIII, the inhabitants of those earth were themselves forced to invent substitutes of the currency, and often they had of to resort to the exchange. England deliberately limited the remittances from Read More →

Share Between the factors that concurred to do of Austria one of the most powerful States of century xvili, told his solidísima structure financier. The war of Austrian Succession, the great reforms and the conflicts with the Prusia de Federico the Great one became indebted seriously the reign of Maria Teresa, but one first and Read More →

Share One of the main causes of the French Revolution is known that was the serious situation of the economy, that, for a long time, she caused an increasing displeasure. From beginnings of century xvili, the public finances was in the most complete disorder, between other reasons because the pressure would pay distributed of a Read More →

Share The excess of paper money emissions also affected to Russia de Catherine 11 the Great one (1729-1796), the empress who, like already with anteriority Pedro the 1 Great one (1672-1725), was the creator of Russian power. The history of modern Russia begins, in effect, indeed with that czar, who during his reign adopted a Read More →

Share The first European experience of paper money emission in great amounts and on national scale had like protagonist to the Scot John Law, and concluded with an authentic catastrophe for France. Still today the judgment of the historians is not unanimous on this personage, to that one of the first financiers of State can Read More →

Share In the numismatic field, Sweden has been precursory by double game: in the emission of the first European banknote, and in the one of the currency heavier. Let us begin to describe this last one, among other reasons because the almost impossible transfer of those pieces favored the use of most comfortable printed paper. Read More →

Share A long time ago the retailers met to interchange titles and to fix the prices of the merchandize and the changes of currencies. In Barcelona from the xil century the profession of runner existed, which they exerted in the fairs and surroundings to the Taules de Cambi, in 1652 the hiring house is believed Read More →