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Currency history

Share The 25 of December of 1194, with the coronation of Enrique I, began the domination of the House of Suabia in southern Italy. Under this dynasty, the activity of the mint of Palermo stopped, but they continued working to total rate the one of Messina for Sicily and the one ofToast for the continental Read More →

Share To the death of Carlomagno, happened in year 814, it took the reins from Sacred Roman Empire its son Ludovico Pío (years 814840), who noit took much in confronting a thorny and fundamental problem: the succession. The complex subsequent vicissitudes to the fights between the threechildren and heirs of Ludovico, ended at year 843 Read More →

Share Often the excellent paper has been emphasized that the germanic towns had not only in the dissolution of Roman Empire, but also insubsequent the social and political evolution and in the events that took to the creation of new structures and to radical changes inthe history of Europe. In complex group of the Germans, Read More →

Share Normandos, is a word that means men of North, and indeed this town had its origin in the regions escannav ofpresent Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Very audacious men composed, dedicated mainly to navigation, and from he derives the other name therewhereupon they are known, vikingos, that indeed mean soldiers of the seas. After to Read More →

Share In the territory occupied by the old Persian Empire, they were developed throughout time civilizations very outposts in the planeseconomic and culture. Until the conquest by Alexander Magno, that was a very active region, sought by the diverse powersforeigners who dominated it in the course of the centuries (among them, we remember to Romans Read More →

Share During century VII, when in western Europe they dominated the Barbarians, a town of Semitic origin was acquiring a personality eachdefined time more: the Arabs. They came from the region between the Red Sea, the Persian gulf and the Indian Ocean, they were divided intribes, the majority nomadic and dedicated to the pasturing, a Read More →

Share One of the main causes of the ruin of the Roman world was the pressure of the Barbarians. In the course of centuries 111 and IV, germanic towns coming from the north and the center of Europe penetrated rare times in Roman territory, and they did it with the only purposeto sack the population Read More →

Share The foundation by Constantino the 1 Great one (306-337) of the city of Constantinopla in 330, was the concrete signal of which already it was maturing for decades in Roman world. They were numerous and complex the problems that weighed on the Roman civilization, all they of so vast and deep reach as not Read More →

Share The Hebrews are an ethnically compatible ancestry to the Phoenicians and the asiriobabilónicos, and his origins, according to the Bible, it is necessary to look for them in the territory of Ur, in Chaldea, region located in the coasts of the gulf Persian and crossed by the Euphrates. This town (whose name it means Read More →

Share In the Roman currencies often are passwords. One is symbols, figures or letters that were recorded in one second phase, in pieces already coined. It agrees to distinguish between the private passwords and the officials, conducted by the State. First they were made with a striker pin in cold, and the second, most frequent Read More →