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Coins history

Share A long time ago the retailers met to interchange titles and to fix the prices of the merchandize and the changes of currencies. In Barcelona from the xil century the profession of runner existed, which they exerted in the fairs and surroundings to the Taules de Cambi, in 1652 the hiring house is believed Read More →

Share In 1829 the Spanish Bank was practically born of San Fernando like a liquidator society of the National Bank of San Carlos. It was created by the Real Cell of the 9 of 1829 July, with a capital of 60 divided million of real in 30. 000 actions of 2, 000 real ones. The Read More →

Share In the last decades of the century xiv Europe it already knew a phase remarkable economic development that it ended prolonged initiated crisis a half-full of the previous century. The positive conjuncture was accentuated in century XVI: they increased to the population and the agrarian production, that it constituted the fundamental base of all Read More →

Share The precarious Spanish economy of half-full of century XVIII turns around the private banks, banks public (nonstate) with official recognition, Taules and Montes. The situation is serious, and the Property is forced to abroad request loans before reluctant attitude of the General Company and Commerce of the five Greater Unions of Madrid, than finds Read More →

Share The development of the financial world at the modern time, that turned around Fiandes, Florence, Toledo and Venice, gave origin to the birth in Italy, in the middle of century Xiii, of the deprived commercial bank. Their functions were to facilitate the currency exchanges, to provide means economic for the expeditions to East and Read More →

Share The banking activity itself, cradle in the commerce of the money, was born with the currency, and that happened in the Greek region of Lydia in year 700 a. C. The diffusion of the currency convulsionó the economy, cradle still in the product interchange to feed them and other goods. And not only that Read More →

Share Between the numerous inventions that we must to the talent of the Chinese, seems to also tell itself paper money. From the most remote antiquity, the Chinese made the commercial interchanges on the base of the exchange. Until half-full of the second millenium a. C., they were used like average of payment the cauríes Read More →